The Spinning Carries On

What’s changed now is dawn—
Its blobs of color, its sun-bursting light,
Yet the spinning carries on.

A football field, a Ferris Wheel. Upon
This rock we built everything that night.
I think what’s changed now is dawn.

We were an oxymoron, on a beach
throwing water balloons into twilight
As the spinning kept carrying on.

Are you coming back? Face withdrawn,
I stare at up the wheel, looking for my white knight:
Except what’s changed now is dawn.

But I couldn’t look at you dead-on
Cause you were my own personal kryptonite
Until the spinning stopped carrying on.

Any prospect we once had is gone—
Shattered, broken, a shout into the night
Because what’s changed now is dawn.

You’re gone.
If only I had the foresight… Who am I kidding?
The spinning would still carry on.

You were a constant sprint, never a marathon,
And when your face stilled, you were still my knight.
I know what’s changed now is dawn,
Yet my world (without you) keeps spinning on.