The End

I float through space,
Tirelessly I tumble.
I think I’m the last of the human race,
And all I can do is crumble.

I’m a useless cloud of ash,
Fragmented shards, the last remains.
A billow of burnt gray trash,
Of those final days, of those final pains.

I couldn’t save us,
Our spinning sphere of green and blue.
You didn’t understand the fuss;
Now you’re gone and it is too.

I was just one man,
What did you want?
I outlived my lifespan,
Now it’s emptiness I get to haunt.

I am everyone, I am nobody,
Out here, out nowhere,
Watching over the barren sea,
Suffocating in the blazing air.

Our world didn’t want to catch fire,
Yet it was still turned to hell.
So here it sits, never drier,
A formidable empire that finally fell.

Didn’t you see it coming?
Didn’t you see the turn?
Couldn’t you hear the humming
Of the sun’s destroying burn?

Oh, you say it happened quick?
Well I know more.
Oh, you’re homesick?
Well you lost the war.

You blamed the star,
You screamed at the sky,
But who really caused the world to die?