Swollen Clouds

I’m flying through a tornado; I scream, “I’m suffocating in the shadow.”
They’re falling—the walls of Jericho—because it’s intoxicating: the shadow.

You see the shaking but you tell me to “get over it.” I call freaking bullshit.
There’s nothing you can do to “save” me, Mom. It’s excruciating: the shadow.

Society tells me to move on, that it’s a temporary phenomenon. They give
Me pills, pills, and more pills, but there’s no negotiating with the shadow.

Gasping through ruptured lungs, chest collapsing under a thousand pounds.
I don’t think I’ll ever breathe again—(Help) I’m deteriorating into the shadow.

Till death do us part, I’m here till the end, enveloped in a hurricane.
(Brenna, tell them all.) I want them to know that it’s devastating: this shadow.