A Black Head of Hair

A black head of hair,
Bobbing down an escalator—
There you were:
Your new little girl, Mommy.
It was all a blur

Of possible outcomes
Of “when the time comes,”
I had no idea you’d be my life,
My best friend,
The best little thing.

When I finally saw your face
I saw my new little sister
The one from someplace
That wasn’t my mom,
That wasn’t my dad,

That was a different world.
You came from an orphanage
Of the system

Until you were gifted to us
And never looked back.
I love you, little girl:
My best friend
Who made her debut

On the escalator,
A bobbing head of hair,
Mommy’s worn face,
Me clutching my
Pooh bear I picked out

For someone so long