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After writing the very first drafts of my novels over six years ago…

After overhauling the stories countless times and editing them for years…

And after spending 2019 floundering in the query trenches all by myself…

I decided to try something new.

***drumroll please***

I am officially submitting to Author Mentor Match Round 7!

Hi, I’m Brenna. I’ve been writing since I was a wee babe, and in college finally realized my stories (granted, with a lot of work) could very much be publishable. Not only that, but I realized it was my dream to make that happen.

A year ago, I began the process of querying my first (and favorite, tehe) novel. I created this blog (and my Bookstagram — @brenna.elmore) to keep me busy during that time. It’s become such an important place to share my journey and I’m forever grateful to those who follow me here! ❤

I write YA science fiction and contemporary. My first novel is all about what happens when two teenagers are inadvertently thrust into the apocalypse. It’s full of chaos, small town charm, aliens, and a whole lot of heart.

My second involves a girl getting to spend her spring break on an island with her favorite celebrity. If it sounds like it’s based off of a fanfic… it is. But over the years the story has changed so much and truly become its own. It isn’t quite query-able yet, but it will be soon.

I would be a great mentee because I’ve grown a super thick skin during this whole process. I realize I’m probably delusional to think that the novel I’ve queried for a year is the one that will get it for me. So, if my mentor says, “Hey, you need to scrap this for now and query your second or third or fourth story,” I’ll do it. I know how valuable having a mentor in the industry is, and I will do anything to make my dream a reality. (Even possibly killing my baby.)

I’m excited to meet you all! Let’s do this.

2 responses to “#AMMConnect”

  1. charityrau Avatar

    Sounds good! I write YA too. Good luck with author mentor match! 🙂

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  2. Brady Avatar

    Hi nice reading your ppost


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