Writer + Photographer

Thank You.

Today, all I wanted to say is thank you.

I started this blog and my Bookstagram as a way to get my name out there and frankly, keep myself busy during the querying process.

But what I didn’t realize was how important it would become to me and the awesome community I would find myself a part of.

Having both complete strangers and best friends build me up and support me along this journey has been so rewarding. For instance, Cierra from Cierra’s Cynosure has become an awesome buddy along the way. I mean look how sweet…

And of course, my wonderful friend Robbie who was the first one to read my story. He helped me a lot with my newly revamped query letter, and these were his final words about it that basically made me cry happy tears:

Long story short: To every single one of you who follows me here—whether you’re my mom or a stranger across the world—I am grateful. Sharing my writing journey has been both therapeutic and a total blast. Thank you. ❤

I’ll see you in 2020. (The year I get my damn first book sold.)

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