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The Intersection of Fear and Hope

Well you guys… I finally did it.

After five months of switching between editing and procrastinating, hope and fear, I finally re-submitted my manuscript to the agent who requested I revise it. (A “Revise and Resubmit” for all you writers out there.)

To recap, her main issue was with the voice. I could have kept editing it forever, I think. I would have kept finding excuses to keep working on it.

In the end though, I decided it was better for me to just get it over with. The way I justified it was that it will go through a whole other editing process when/if it gets picked up by a publisher, so I didn’t need to mull over it for another month and find 1,000 more mistakes to work on.

During these past five months, I moved a lot of things around, added some of my favorite scenes, removed entire plot points, and re-wrote so many moments that needed more oomph emotionally. The story is still the same, but I’m confident it’s the best version it’s ever been.

At this point, I’m not getting my hopes up. I’m pretty much planning on having to revamp my entire query letter and re-query agents all over again.


…If she likes my re-write, then I will be thrusted on an entirely new journey as she pitches it to publishers (a.k.a., a whole new world of rejection).

That all sounds negative, but I promise I’m trying to stay neutral. I’ve stopped saying that “this is my only hope” and started being more realistic about what steps to take next if this falls through.

Either way, I’m forcing you along this journey with me. So, let’s do this.

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