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“In a story, you can turn to the front and begin again and everyone lives once more.” Ally Condie, Reached


Welcome friends (and strangers) to my new site! Here, I’ll share both my photography and my writing journey on my way to getting my YA (definition below) novels published.

young a·dult (adjective)
denoting or relating to fiction, films, television programs, etc., intended or suitable for adolescents, especially those in their mid to late teens.
(Though recently, as the Harry Potter generation grows up, we want those novels to stay with us. So, typically industry members will say the YA market lasts all the way through the 20s. I also am very passionate about this, so there will definitely be another blog post where I rant about the bad reputation YA novels sometimes get.)

Back to me. If you’ve never had the ultimate privilege of knowing me in person, my name is Brenna. I’m a lifelong Tar Heel and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill in May of 2018 with a degree in Photo and Video Journalism. I also minored in creative writing, where I took both fiction and poetry classes.

UNC-Chapel Hill Graduation

I’m addicted to Marvel films, mac & cheese and my cats. I’m a Nintendo fan-girl and was a crazy Hunger Games fanatic back in the day. I kind of consider Disney World my home, but if I had to choose a second place, it would be inside a movie theater. Believe it or not, being obsessed with Twilight got me actually going to the movies and I’ve never turned back since. (Don’t worry, I acknowledge they are pretty awful films now.)

I’ve been behind a lens, editing software, or a clipboard writing pretty much my entire life. My early (and honestly, late) teen years were taken up staring in and editing music videos to songs that resonated with me. To this day I can go back and watch them and remember exactly which boy I was fake crying about or what story I was trying to tell through each song.

Later in life, that love of filming myself and others manifested in a love of movies and directing in general. For so long I dreamed of being a film director or screenwriter, and a part of me definitely still loves the idea. But that dream turned into more strictly writing-based over the past few years. I probably have the creative writing department at UNC to thank for that.

Now, all I can think about and obsess over is seeing my book next to all the other YA books I spent years scouring over in Barnes & Noble.

Yes, I do have a day job. I’m so lucky to have been hired before I even graduated. I’m working as a Content Specialist for a business coach in town, and seeing how he inspires his clients to get shit done made me finally take the final leap and start the long, chaotic publishing process.

I suppose that’s all for today. I hope you got to know me a little better and I’ll see you very soon.

Follow me on Instagram or Facebook, as I will keep you all updated there as this crazy journey continues!

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